Schulich School of Medicine Admissions

May 13, 2016
Schulich School of Law

DSC_6509Dear Prospective Students,

With respect to your Admissions Team, we're excited to greet you to everything about Schulich Med school &lifier; Dentistry! Everyone knows the effort and dedication it requires to use to school of medicine so we couldn't become more excited to expose you to our School.

Joining Schulich is much like attaining a brand new family. A feeling of camaraderie at our school is incredible, so we all make an effort to support and encourage each other – whether in the London campus or even the Windsor campus. We visit classes together, study together, play dodgeball and inner-tube water polo together, succeed together, and also be together. Individually, those who arrived at Schulich are remarkable, but because an organization they form a category with truly diverse talents and interests.

Schulich is an excellent spot to learn medicine, which is full of amazing people. Like a student of Schulich, you'll have the Best Curriculum on the planet, a course that will get its title in the block-by-block overview of the curriculum that happens every single year with input from us, the scholars.10943558_10155141971320594_1393904848_n Both grounds also take advantage of a proper balance of various teaching techniques which includes large lectures, select few periods, independent learning and clinical abilities practice. Regardless of how you learn best, Schulich may have something for you personally. With class mates and instructors there to supply constant support and encouragement during your studies, Schulich provides you with the various tools to stand out as future doctors.

As Schulich students, you've got the energy to depart your legacy at Schulich. You're in charge of the student experience, whether it's by developing a golf club for any niche interest, beginning new volunteer initiatives, or running for any leadership position inside the school. Using constantly useful and passionate staff who truly take care of students, anything can be done.

Future 2019s, we all know that it is really an incredibly demanding here we are at you, but take the time to understand what lengths you’ve already come. We're truly excited to satisfy and become familiar with you! All the best together with your interview! Congratulations again so we anticipate meeting you in March!

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