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September 15, 2015

moneyinbeaker580The Existence Sciences Report: You're the leader and Boss of Center for Commercialization of Restorative healing Medicine (CCRM), a Canadian not-for-profit organization supporting growth and development of technologies which will hopefully hasten your way of stem cell and related therapeutics through regulating paths and also to the marketplace. How do you use it?

Michael May: CCRM began via a unique government program known as the Systems of Centres of Excellence. It had been built around the idea of allowing the right type of ecosystem and network they are driving commercialization. The federal government of Canada spends in three kinds of systems: academic commercialization, that is where CCRM matches and what's known as business-brought networksconsortia of established firms that interact within an open innovation model.

"RepliCel Existence Sciences Corporation. includes a varied portfolio of technologies, is extremely focused and it is growing quickly."

CCRM really adopted with an academic network which was around for 14 years. That network had built a really strong culture of collaboration one of the stem cell and restorative healing medicine researchers in Canada, and eager these to commercialize their technologies. CCRM started to integrate elements in addition to the invention phaseaccess to industry, company creation and use of traders. And today CCRM has generated a business consortium in excess of 40 companies from around the globe. You can almost picture CCRM spinning off a company-brought network eventually to make the most of the government's technique for building the best type of ecosystem for commercialization.

TLSR: Does CCRM recruit leaders to Canada?

MM: Our model would be to develop a global network and to become a not-for-profit, neutral, rut to create together the best assets, elements and leaders, including leaders, they are driving technologies forward. We, obviously, may need to look in a benefit for Canada, but we do not visit a help to Canada to be mutually exclusive in the help to any investor or innovator or stakeholder all over the world.

TLSR: So how exactly does CCRM vary from other industry advocacy organizationsfor instance, in the Alliance for Restorative healing Medicine (ARM), that was created within the U.S. in '09. I lately spoken with ARM Chairman Edward Lanphier about ARM. Are you currently acquainted with that organization?

MM: Indeed I'm. I am around the executive committee for ARM.

CCRM isn't just an advocacy group. It's really built around tangible facilities and infrastructure that may drive not just technology development for out-certification to the industry partners, but could also enable company creation in an exceedingly different way than continues to be done here previously.

"When we could possibly get companies over early hurdles with unique assets, we are able to demonstrate faster commercialization."

There exists a tie-in a network of academics as well as in-house facilities that develop technologies what sort of start-up would. With this founding academic network of Canadian institutions and researchers, we get access to global leaders. We've been in a position to negotiate use of their ip (IP). Whenever we find IP, after doing research onto it and bundling it along with other IP, we are able to bring that technology into our very own facility, where there exists a staff of 35 people, including about 20 researchers, who are able to conduct wet diligence and product. We fill a gapwe do work that academics typically tend not to do or don't always prosper. By getting together each one of these abilities, together with some specialized platforms, like cellular re-training, gene editing, cell manufacturing and biomaterial synthesis, we are able to complement exactly what a standard academic network would provide.

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