Medical School requirements Australia

November 25, 2015

Sydney School Of Medicine provides a Physician of drugs (MD) program. You will find two study paths:

Physician of drugs (for graduate entry)

Our Graduate Medicine MD program is made to offer an excellent training and education platform which to construct a job in medicine, training excellent physicians who'll provide competent, diligent and ethical choose to the city.

Our students receive extensive clinical training, with exposure inside a clinical atmosphere in the second week of the studies. This happens within our clinical teaching hospitals, that are situated throughout Sydney and NSW. The fundamental sciences are extensively covered particularly in years 1 and a pair of.


  • Clinical learning leading NSW hospitals
  • Years 1 &lifier; 2 are mainly on campus, although years 3 &lifier; 4 have been in clinical schools
  • We goal to equip you rich in-level clinical abilities and understanding which means you are very well ready for future scientific research
  • We offer you experience and understanding of health within an worldwide setting.
  • Research abilities training
  • Possibilities to see rural and worldwide health

Double Degree Medicine (Undergraduate entry)

We provide a combined undergraduate-MD program, having a 7 year duration, for top-school leavers who've accomplished exceptional results.
The paths are:

  • Music-Medicine
  • Science (Advanced)-Medicine
  • Medical Science-Medicine
  • Commerce-Medicine
  • Financial aspects-Medicine
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