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August 13, 2015
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular

Accelerator science may be the backbone of TRIUMF’s nuclear medicine program, a course that keeps a powerful isotope and radiopharmaceutical production capacity enabled by four onsite cyclotrons. These cyclotrons drive the spectrum of research placed through the division, which begins using the physics of particle acceleration and target bombardment, then an in-depth radiochemistry capacity in radiopharmaceutical production, that is ultimately employed for biological and imaging studies with this collaborators. Molecular imaging using the tracers created at TRIUMF can be used to achieve an awareness of disease in the molecular level.

To concentrate our efforts, the division keeps three core expertise: accelerator target design, medical isotope production/isolation and radiopharmaceutical synthesis. The division continues to be structured, our roles inside our collaborations are based on, and our future attempts are led using these expertise in your mind.

Accelerator Targets

  • Finding new target solutions which are powerful and versatile
  • Enabling global cyclotron infrastructure to satisfy isotope production needs at hospitals today

Isotope Production

  • Improving existing isotopes and improving flexibility
  • Exploring new, promising isotopes for the future


  • Enabling early disease recognition using novel molecular signatures
  • Enabling a customized health care system to identify, treat, and monitor neurodegenerative disease and cancer for that individual illnesses they're

TRIUMF’s Nuclear Medicine division is made upon a lengthy-standing collaboration using the Off-shore Parkinson’s Research Center, that we routinely provide various tracers for human pre-clinical imaging studies. These studies goal to determine the connection between disorder within the dopamine natural chemical system and also the advancement of Parkinson’s disease, but additionally include studies into other neurodegenerative illnesses for example Alzheimer’s. The tracers created are frequently established, small-molecule pre-clinical and/or clinical imaging agents having a heavy concentrate on safety and good manufacturing (GMP) processes. The objective of creating these radiopharmaceuticals would be to enable our partners to do cutting-edge imaging research to know disease initiation, progression, patient stratification and treatment response. This effort defines TRIUMF’s core Nuclear Medicine program.

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