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February 2, 2017

At the outset of each week in 2013, I’ll be discussing an alternative way it can save you $100 this season. Should you choose many of these things, you’ll have the ability to save over $5Thousand this season alone! A number of these things will probably be things you’re already doing, but hopefully everyone will get a minimum of a couple of new ideas or some inspiration out of this series.

This tip won’t work with everybody because a number of you're fortunate to not need to put on glasses and a few individuals won’t have to buy glasses this season. However for individuals individuals who require to purchase glasses or who finish up requiring to purchase glasses, this tip will certainly help you save $100+ this season.

Buy Prescription Glasses Online (Week #4)

Several years ago, initially when i first began blogging here, a readers e-mailed me suggesting I attempt buying glasses online. Honestly, I’d never even considered ordering glasses anywhere but in the optometrist, and so i was happy to take into account that there have been other available choices.

I did not have to purchase glasses at that time, however i published the end since it appeared legit and that i thought others might take advantage of it. To my delight, I came across that other visitors had attempted ordering glasses on the internet and they’d had good encounters, too.

I do not what you think, however when I stumble onto an outdoors-the-box money-saving tip such as this, it will get me so excited. Also it jogs my memory that you will find always new breakthroughs to make in the realm of frugality — mainly in the chronilogical age of the web.

Since I Have didn’t have to order glasses immediately, I hidden away the end later on. Not very lengthy after, my toddler broke my glasses beyond repair — and that i was very grateful which i understood there have been options available to save cash on prescription glasses!

Where You Can Order Prescription Glasses Online

While you will find a variety of websites that you could purchase prescription glasses from, two that I’m very acquainted with and also have bought from personally are Zenni Optical and Seaside Contacts.

Zenni Optical is my go-to site for ordering glasses online. Actually, we’ve bought three pairs of glasses from their store to date. Not just are we been happy with our orders from their store, but on the second order from their store, there is a shipping delay so that they sent another free order — which meant we've got two extra pairs of glasses free of charge! That much cla of customer support really made impression on me.

The majority of the glasses from Zenni Optical they are under $20 total for that frames and contacts. They can possess some glasses which are as little as $6.95! Shipping is simply $4.95. If you want to change your contacts, it will likely be extra. However I promise it it's still much, a smaller amount than purchasing prescription glasses in-store.

I additionally recommend looking at Seaside Contacts. If you’ve never purchased from Seaside Contacts before, you are able to obtain a free set of glasses if you use promotion code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout.

This promotion code covers standard contacts. Upgrades or films are for sale to yet another cost. Shipping is going to be between $10 and $20. Things I like best about Seaside Contacts is when you obtain the glasses plus they don’t fit, return shipping is free of charge.

Pros &lifier Cons of Ordering Glasses Online

Just like any purchase, you will find benefits and drawbacks to ordering online versus ordering in-store. The cost is amazing, but among the disadvantages of ordering glasses online is you can’t use them on in advance. Should you put on glasses full-time or find it difficult to find glasses that suit your facial shape, ordering them online is much more difficult.

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