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May 21, 2016
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Money washing. Customs forms falsifications. Conspiring having a allegedly “impartial” Internet pharmacy certification program to market fake cancer medications to naive doctors and treatment centers — after which giving that certification program’s worker an exciting-expenses compensated visit to an exotic island. Seem such as the plot of the John Grisham novel? Actually, it’s directly from an amazing, deeply disturbing federal indictment unsealed a week ago through the US Department of Justice against CanadaDrugs, a number of its employees, along with a current or former worker (or even contractor) of PharmacyChecker, a allegedly “independent” US-based Internet pharmacy verification program.

Indicted together with CanadaDrugs and many of their principals is Dr. Ram Kamath, the “Director of Pharmacy Policy and Worldwide Verifications” for PharmacyChecker. Allegedly, Dr. Kamath licensed CanadaDrugs as safe and legit after accepting money along with a compensated trip from CanadaDrugs to Barbados despite knowing that the organization was utilizing an illegal and unsafe drug logistics (and getting just hid a number of CanadaDrugs’ counterfeit drugs in the garage).

Fundamentally of the indictment is CanadaDrugs’ alleged purchase of counterfeit Avastin, a prescription-only medicine, to doctors and treatment centers in america — information which was initially known 3 years ago. However the indictment pulls the curtain back around the means by which PharmacyChecker apparently conspires with illegal drugs online to, within the words from the indictment, give a (false) “veneer of authenticity.”

PharmacyChecker, in the blog now, put every excuse it might find in the problem. Their argument seems to boil lower to a few points. First, PharmacyChecker argues, CanadaDrugs was just selling counterfeit drugs through its wholesale distribution system (to doctors and treatment centers), in a roundabout way to patients — so, therefore, its online pharmacy continues to be legitimate and safe. (Oh, okay.) This ignores the reality that CanadaDrugs is utilizing the same unapproved, illegal supply chains because of its entire business — and also the drugs aren’t really originating from Canada generally, as PharmacyChecker full-well knows. PharmacyChecker’s second point trots the tired old argument this is an enormous conspiracy brought by Large Pharma. (Right … so, Large Pharma grown the counterfeit drugs in Dr. Kamath’s garage, then?)

Anyway, you will find 10 important takeaways, in my opinion, in the indictment.

Ten Important Take-Aways: CanadaDrugs / PharmacyChecker Worker Indictment

1. Once they target US citizens, Canadian Internet pharmacies aren’t really selling drugs from Canada. The indictment signifies that CanadaDrugs wasn't really shipping drugs from the Canadian pharmacy. Rather, it had been routing drugs that came from in Poultry along with other locations with the United kingdom and Barbados to all of us drop-shippers. The fake drugs were tracked to Egypt.

2. The medications were fake. Cancer medications were fake, and contained no active component.

3. Cold-chain drugs were saved at too-warm temps, came back after which sold again with other clients within their adulterated condition. Some drugs, like blood insulin, should be stored in a certain (cold) temperature. Even if your cold-chain drugs — not necessarily from Canada — exceeded that temperature throughout the illegal shipping process and really should happen to be thrown away for safety reasons, CanadaDrugs simply re-chilled these to re-sell to a different customer.

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