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October 13, 2016
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2018 is anticipated is the this past year a category of UBC students graduates having a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

Pharmacy schools across Canada are shifting to supplying a physician of pharmacy, or PharmD, program because the entry-to-practice degree of training. UBC is following suit.

Regardless of the title, PharmD isn't a PhD program — it's nearer to an MD. Students will go into the four-year program after finishing a minimum of 2 yrs of prerequisite training.

Peter Loewen, director from the physician of pharmacy program at UBC, stated the reason behind this change is based on the altering roles of pharmacy technician in Canada’s health care system. Together with Glenda MacDonald, clinical assistant professor and director from the ongoing pharmacy professional development program, Loewen manages the look team for that new program, scheduled to begin in 2015.

“Pharmacists can now do more comprehensive checks of patients, ” Loewen stated. “[They take] physical checks, they assess their medicines, and identify issues that should be solved or possibilities for patients, medicines to become enhanced, they vaccinate patients, they are able to prescribe some medicines, they are able to order and interpret diagnostic tests.

“All this stuff imply that they require more training than we presently provide them with and much more training than fits in the bachelor’s program.”

There's already a PharmD program at UBC, however the new PharmD program will set a focus on integrating understanding from various disciplines — understanding that will typically be trained individually.

“Previously you'd learn all your chemistry first, as well as your anatomy and physiology individually, and [then] pharmacology, [that is] study regarding how drugs work, ” MacDonald stated. “Now it’s all being come up with, then when you’re speaking about certain disease states, then you’ll learn exactly what will affect that simultaneously.Inches

Another major change is really a greater concentrate on interprofessional learning – understanding how to operate in teams along with other health care professionals.

The brand new curriculum can also get nearly two times the quantity of experiential learning, where pharmacy students can use their understanding and discover to take care of patients underneath the supervision of practicing professionals.

This elevated experiential learning component attracts Aaron Sihota, a 4th-year pharmacy student and leader from the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society.

“That’s really whenever you apply what you’ve learned in the class, ” he stated. “I think this is where you actually reach really make a difference within the lives of [others].”

Carly Webb, a 4th-year pharmacy student and also the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society’s Kappa Psi regent, shared Sihota’s optimism concerning the changes. “I’m pretty tolerant of it, ” she stated. “I think most students are. It will undoubtedly assistance to have pharmacy technician trained a little more, particularly with each one of these new abilities that we’re needed to possess.Inches

Among the concerns elevated concerning the new program is your buck. “Tuition might be something that'll be an item of contention, ” Sihota stated, “and always is going to be.Inches

Overall, however, Sihota doesn't use whatever major difficulties with the modification.

“I think that it'll really provide new skill practicing our students, as well as in general, it’s an optimistic direction that we’re taking with this particular program.”

For individuals already practicing, UBC can also be creating a flexible physician of pharmacy program to train the abilities new pharmacy technician is going to be learning. Students will have the ability to complete the not compulsory program in their own pace while employed during the period of 3 to 5 years. The very first phase from the program is completed on the internet and the 2nd phase includes 12 several weeks of experiential learning, which may be done nearly any place in B.C. which has Access to the internet.

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