Canadian Medical Council Exam

November 22, 2016
The MCC and the route to

In compliance using the MCC bylaws:


A clinical graduate could be registered within the Canadian Medical Register provided she or he has effectively completed:

  • the Being approved Examination just before Jan. 1, 1992, and upon posting evidence within the form based on the manager Director the candidate has satisfactorily completed a minimum of twelve several weeks of acceptable postgraduate training or perhaps an acceptable equivalent or
  • the MCCQE Part I and also the MCCQE Part II.


A health care provider who meets this needs is signed up for the Canadian Medical Register like a Licentiate from the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) and gets to be a Certificate of Registration (wallet-size credit card). This certificate can serve as official evidence of registration. If posted to some medical regulating authority or any other agency, it ought to be retrieved through the owner for more use as needed. A testamur (appropriate for framework), meant for display reasons instead of as official evidence of registration, can also be provided.


The LMCC isn't a licence to practise medicine, the issuance of these as being a purpose of the medical regulating government bodies. Whenever a candidate has satisfied the different needs enforced through the medical regulating authority, the ultimate step towards licensure to practise would be to sign up towards the Registrar of this medical regulating authority.

Canadian General Standards Board - PWGSC
Canadian General Standards Board - PWGSC
Paramedic Skill: Medical Assessment Oral Board
Paramedic Skill: Medical Assessment Oral Board
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