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July 24, 2016
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The Association of Ability of drugs of Canada (AFMC) is within full deployment mode using its new AFMC Student Portal. This new online tool would be the one-stop-look for Canadian and worldwide students using for going to electives whatsoever ability of drugs across the nation.

This application system is made to streamline the elective positioning process, making existence simpler for college students. It offers a searchable database of going to electives offered in Canada, payment processing, along with a communication tool to help keep students accustomed to their application status. The portal also reflects the commitment from the ability of drugs to streamline elective workflows, timelines and guidelines.

, qualified medical students can use with the AFMC Student Portal for going to electives.
Students are urged to make use of the AFMC Student Portal's Going to Elective Guide to understand more about possibilities across Canada. The Guide is definitely an online central database of going to elective possibilities and could be looked anytime without needing to register or sign up.

When the Portal is operational whatsoever schools, it will likely be the only funnel for qualified students to accomplish and sign up for an elective.

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