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December 31, 2015
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4:00 - 5:30 pm: Open House and Display of Mister William Osler items
David Braley Health Sciences Center
100 Primary Street West, Hamilton - steps in the Hamilton Convention Center

5:30 pm: Reception
6:30 pm: Evening Program starts
Hamilton Convention Center

Sheraton Hamilton Hotel (Click to reserve online)

Presenting our 2016 Inductees...

The prominent medical historian of the era, Michael Bliss features our heritage of scientific research, healthcare, accomplishments and discovery to Canadians and visitors all over the world. His award-winning books, interviews and lectures have furthered worldwide understanding and appreciation from the contributions of towering figures of Canadian medicine. Professor Bliss’s masterpiece The Invention of Blood insulin is really a timeless classic, superbly re-creating among the great breakthroughs of health background. Strengthened by Banting: A Biography, the definitive existence of Canada's only Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, his work grew to become the foundation from the acclaimed television small-series, Glory Enough For Those. His extensive oeuvre includes Plague: A Tale of Smallpox in Montreal, Harvey Cushing: A Existence in Surgery and William Osler: A Existence in Medicine - the second another instant classic because the standard biography from the legendary Canadian physician who had been among the founding fathers of contemporary medicine. Less popular is his contribution as author from the compelling final draft from the 1991/1992 Proper Plan Trading in Canada’s Health for that Scientific Research Council of Canada, an essential catalyst in the transformation in to the CIHR.

A catalyst for positive alternation in women’s health, May Cohen graduated towards the top of her class in 1955 when less than 7% of medical students in Canada were women. Carrying out a 20 year career like a family physician in Toronto, Dr. Cohen became a member of the department of family medicine at McMaster College in 1977 and offered as connect dean of health services from 1991 to 1996. She co-founded the very first faculty of drugs Women’s Health Office in 1991, triggering several medical schools to follow along with suit, and inducing the development of the Women’s Health Inter School Curriculum for Ontario’s medical schools. This institutionalization of women’s health changed the academic experience with all health students, the expertise of female students and also the status of female professors with techniques overlooked today. Her success in drawing the medical community’s focus on the multiple problems with gender, sexuality and women's health, together with the following research in women’s health insurance and the careers of ladies doctors, has substantively influenced patient care and experience.

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