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September 23, 2015
8 Things You Should Know

Probably the most important misperceptions about Internet pharmacies is when a “Canadian Internet pharmacy” continues to be verified as having a Canadian pharmacy license, that it should be acting legally and securely, which the drugs must be originating from Canada. In the end, drugs “from Canada” are simply as safe as drugs within the U . s . States, correct?

The simple truth is disturbing. First, to assist, let’s be obvious that real Canadian pharmacies are usually just like safe as US pharmacies. Should you walked right into a Canadian pharmacy, you’d have a similar protections and drug safety system (not identical, but close enough) that US citizens enjoy. A part of individuals protections, in Canada and also the US, incorporate a prohibition against posting prescription medications from outdoors of individuals particular nations.

The idea is, obviously, when you order from an online pharmacy that's been verified as “having” a Canadian license, that they're really while using license because of its intended purpose and simply delivering you drugs using their own pharmacy shelves. But don't forget, Canadian laws and regulations only apply in Canada, so if you're a person situated outdoors of Canada, that is not really what’s happening. Rather, once we described within our set of approved Yahoo Internet pharmacy marketers, they're simply re-routing a minimum of some drug orders to locations like India or Poultry, and also the drugs never originate from or undergo Canada at any time, but they are sent straight to US citizens. This really is unsafe and illegal.

To place this in context, consider our expose of CheapoDrugs.com. That Internet pharmacy grew to become an authorized Yahoo! marketer due to showing a Canadian pharmacy license (exactly the same one utilized by CanadaDrugs.com) to PharmacyChecker, following so it was approved as meeting PharmacyChecker’s full group of verification criteria. But don't forget, the objective of a Canadian pharmacy license would be to dispense drugs from the Canadian pharmacy. Despite declaring to become Canadian, that Internet pharmacy states it can't conduct business in Canada because it might be illegal to import prescription medications into Canada. (Repeat: This “Canadian” Internet pharmacy states it may conduct business anywhere but Canada. Seem fishy?) And also the website told us, whenever we requested, the drugs could be routed in to the US from India via Barbados.

Performs this seem just like a genuine Canadian pharmacy? Absolutely not. This is coldly illegal in Canada, actually. CheapoDrugs.com is hiding behind a Canadian pharmacy license to be able to be a internet search engine marketer and unlawfully ship drugs to all of us citizens from India, Poultry, Barbados, or similar locations.

Why would CheapoDrugs.com wish to hide behind a Canadian pharmacy license? Two large reasons. First, Internet customers which are squeamish about ordering from India or Poultry may assume, improperly, that they're utilizing a licensed Canadian pharmacy to buy drugs. Second, having the ability to indicate a Canadian pharmacy license (even one which it doesn’t utilize) gives this site the opportunity to advertise on the internet, Yahoo! or Microsoft, which require the Internet pharmacy “be located in the US or Canada.”

Source: blog.legitscript.com
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