American medical School requirements for Canadian students

November 13, 2015
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Analyzed at McGill College, Montreal, Quebec

What factors brought you to definitely choose Trinity Med school for the medical education?

I selected to go to Trinity for any couple of reasons. First was the quality from the professors, both full-time and going to faculty. Second was the private attention that might be open to me because of small class dimensions. Another was the the standard from the clerkship program, all in US teaching hospitals, without any wait time to go into, instead of a number of other Caribbean schools. And lastly the area itself, it is a beautiful place with interesting people.

You've just completed the very first five the Fundamental Sciences, that which was your most memorable experience?

My most personally rewarding experience to date was the trip several us required to St. Benedict's, the neighborhood orphanage, (Seth and Shanique are pictured above) to fresh paint a mural using the children. Although Trinity provided numerous community outreach programs and studies, it was my most memorable experience.

Have you discover the small class experience to become advantageous?

Absolutely. The little class experience is excellent. To begin with, there's considerably less competition. You become familiar with all your class mates with them you share a feeling of being 'in it together'. As a result you finish up supporting one another rather than competing for that top mark. Furthermore, you create a one-on-one relationship together with your professors. This will make you comfortable approaching them, and provides them the opportunity to track how well you're progressing and help you if you want help.

Can you say getting analyzed abroad broadened your horizons?

Yes. Studying in St. Vincent and also the Grenadines given us a significant appreciation of some other culture which i would not have obtained otherwise. Visiting the area, there is a little of the learning curve - getting acquainted with the neighborhood customs, currency, and accents however the individuals are friendly and also the culture is vibrant and overall it had been an excellent experience.

What you will really miss most about St. Vincent?

Through the finish of time in St. Vincent I'd developed numerous significant associations with my peers, employees, the school, and also the local population. I felt part of a residential area which is that communal feeling I'll miss probably the most.

Obviously required needs to be, what you will really miss minimal?

Entering the city to obtain such things as food along with other personal supplies is a very neat experience. It's a vibrant atmosphere unlike whatever you would experience of The United States and for the reason that regard I loved it greatly. However, it required considerably longer of computer would take both at home and it may become demanding when you're busy with school. More often than not it wasn't an issue, you learn how to plan in advance for periods of high stress like exams, presentations, etc.

You aced your USMLE Step One exam, congratulations! What exactly are you searching toward while you attempt the clerkship terms?

I'm most looking forward to shifting in the class towards the clinic. As essential as the very first 2 yrs of my medical education were, certainly one of my primary drives to go in this sort of profession was the clinical atmosphere itself. I can not wait to defend myself against a far more active role in patient care, and also to continue learning inside a real life atmosphere.

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