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October 15, 2015
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Improvements from the Program

The concepts where the style of the UQ MD relies include a focus on the next:
- Situation-based learning (CBL) inside a clinical context
- Self-directed, long term learning
- Critical look at the scientific foundation of medicine
- Integration of fundamental and clinical sciences throughout
- Bio-psychosocial method of medicine
- Clinical training ab initio
- Communication abilities and
- Professional and personal development

Phase 1 (24 months foundation understanding and abilities)

This phase relies round the delivery of a big group lectures and a variety of more compact practicals. An important element of this phase may be the delivery of situation-based learning (CBL) lessons. Groups contain roughly 10 students who work co-operatively by having an academic whose role is a company as opposed to a tutor. Each group examines a well planned number of patient-centred problems, each made to highlight concepts and issues in health insurance and disease.

Early patient contact and clinical reasoning will also be incorporated within this phase to build up high amounts of clinical abilities and medical understanding.

Phase 2 (24 months clinical rotations)

This is actually the clinical training phase from the MD Program where students are required to build up greater level clinical abilities that change from an emphasis on data gathering and performing a precise background and examination to developing abilities in synthesizing and integrating information to formulate a provisional diagnosis and initial management plan.

Students undertake this phase in a number of clinical configurations and disciplines, whilst understanding how to operate in and collaborate with clinical teams.

Professional Certification/Accreditation Information

In Canada, each province/territory accounts for certification doctors to practise medicine within its limitations. Licensure to practise medicine necessitates the completing a certified postgraduate training course, along with the completing national being approved exams. Each province might have different needs it's your responsibility to satisfy the required needs for licensure inside your province.

Every year, OzTREKK hosts its annual Canadian Medical Certification Workshops across Canada, that are only at students who submit their Australian school of medicine application via OzTREKK. These workshops supply the latest specifics of the accreditation and medical certification process in Canada, in addition to outline choices for internships around australia along with other locations.

Why Canadians Love the program

Read what OzTREKK students are saying concerning the College of Queensland medical program! 2015 Intake Reviews

"The college continues to be very receptive to student feedback and also the local students happen to be very encouraging and welcoming from the worldwide students. Wish we'd an additional week of holidays between semesters for year 1 and a pair of. This program requires lots of effort, and keeps you snappy, however the staff and school are awesome and you curious about learning. Getting nice weather year-round to obtain outdoors and take a rest from study is really a definite bonus."

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