Canadian medical School Admission requirements

April 3, 2016
Herman Chenwi

Academic excellence. Scientific acumen. Diversity. Leadership. Empathy. Communication abilities. Dedication to long term learning. The aim of the Geisel School’s Admissions Committee would be to enroll students who reflect all individuals characteristics and who'll lead towards the distinctively close-knit which stimulates learning atmosphere that defines the Geisel School. Dartmouth receives roughly 5, 800 completed programs annually for around 90 places within the entering class. The Geisel School’s student is national in scope and impact. Actually, the huge most of our students—about 95 % in recent years—come from out-of-condition.

Academic needs

As the specific academic needs are highlighted below, please be aware that the Geisel Med school reviews all previous education and experience.

  • Twelve months (8 semester hrs or equivalent) of general biology and general physics.
  • 2 yrs (16 semester hrs or equivalent) of chemistry, which must include one semester (or equivalent) of organic chemistry and something semester (or equivalent) of biochemistry.
  • Half-year (3 semester hrs or equivalent) of school-level mathematics, including either calculus or statistics.
  • Facility in written and spoken British.
  • 3 years of publish-secondary attend U.S. and/or Canadian schools or colleges having a wide range of study that introduces students towards the sciences and humanities, planning students to know both scientific foundation of medicine and human behavior and society.
  • Students are urged to major inside a area of particular interest and, if at all possible, to pursue independent research for the reason that area.
  • All candidates are required to provide scores in the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Students who not submit MCAT scores is going to be in a disadvantage. Even though the Admissions Committee doesn't employ rigid cutoffs, candidates must be aware that recognized programs possess a median combined MCAT score of 33, along with a median undergraduate GPA of three.65.
  • For 2016 entry, the MCAT exam should have been taken between The month of january 2013 and November 2015, with leads to us by The month of january 4, 2016.

Joint-degree programs at Dartmouth

Additionally towards the M.D. degree, Geisel medical students have fun playing the following degree programs:

MD-PhD program
The MD-PhD program is dedicated to training physician-researchers for that twenty-first century who'll provide excellent patient care, lead discovery in biomedical disease-oriented research, advocate for fundamental and translational biomedical research, and take leadership roles in biomedical research and also the delivery of healthcare. To learn more, go to the MD-PhD program website or call (603) 650-1505.

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