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October 29, 2015
Core Education Programs

Appreciate your curiosity about Ross College Med school (RUSM). By aiming our admissions process with this school's mission—to give qualified school of medicine candidates an chance to earn a Physician of drugs (MD) degree—we've developed a technique for admissions that focuses as much in your existence encounters and determination because it does in your academic background. This philosophy allows us to identify candidates who've the drive and determination to both effectively complete the medical education program and perform as skilled doctors.

RUSM has admissions officials situated through the U . s . States as well as in Canada. To find information about and fasten by having an admissions representative in your town, please click here.

Not Only Your MCAT or GPA

Like US medical schools, our admissions committee carefully examines your undergraduate academic final results, much like your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score and grade point earnings (GPA). That is because these amounts could be reliable predictors of methods you'll ultimately perform like a school of medicine student.

However, we take a look at a lot more, much like your personal interview, volunteer experience, and recommendations. These, combined together with your undergraduate performance, from the amount of your RUSM candidate profile—and it's the way we see whether a candidate can stand out within the rigorous, rewarding academic challenges in our college.

To find out if you RUSM may be the fit for you personally, review our admissions needs and finish our interactive admissions assessment. Otherwise, please read onto learn a little much more about our school.

Rigorous, Integrated Preclinical Curriculum

The fundamental sciences curriculum (Fundamentals of drugs), trained on the Caribbean campus, provides essential foundational understanding trained with an integrated, organ systems-based educational model. We mix traditional lecture-based instruction using the chance for hands-on activities, like simulation or standardized patient exercises. It's the way we enable you to get to begin thinking just like a physician very at the start of your medical education.

Technology-Enabled Learning Atmosphere

At RUSM, you’ll have the advantage of exceptional teaching and laboratory facilities made with extensive multimedia and simulation capabilities—like our accredited Simulation Institute or our high-tech, high-touch Anatomy Lab, simply to title a couple of.

Committed Faculty

RUSM's Fundamentals of drugs faculty is among the guiding forces behind our students’ success. Our distinguished faculty people, who've been selected from over the U . s . States and also the world, are devoted to precisely one factor: the teaching and coaching of school of medicine students. Search for a faculty profile here.

Clinical Rotations in Quality US Hospitals

RUSM students complete their clinical training at affiliated teaching hospitals within the U . s . States or Uk. A number of our hospital partners offer single-site location possibilities, giving students an "academic home" throughout the clinical phase of the education. Take an internal take a look at our clinical affiliate marketers here.

Performance on USMLE Step One

Performance on Step one of the U . s . States Medical Certification Examination® (USMLE) is among the most significant factors inside your ability to get the residency that you would like. Many residency company directors will evaluate a possible resident using their medical school's first-time pass rate on USMLE Step One, in comparison to the comparative pass rate accomplished by students in america and Canada.

In 2014, RUSM accomplished an initial-time pass rate of 97 percent on USMLE, that is greater compared to 96% rate accomplished by US and Canadian schools, and over the rate accomplished by osteopathic schools (93 percent).

Proven Record: School Best Quantity of Residency Positions for 2015

In 2015, greater than 800 RUSM students gained residency spots in a multitude of groups through the US. It was the 2nd year consecutively that RUSM capped 800 residencies, along with a new institutional record for residency positions.

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