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December 28, 2017
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I had been lately approached by Jessica, a 21-years old second year medical student in the College of Alberta in Canada, offering to train us about Medical Education in Canada! She complete three years of undergrad in Vancouver, BC – her focus of study was Microbiology. Jessica runs your blog Atalanta’s Antics as well as informs me she’s a movie nut, choir director, hockey pseudo-player, actor, pianist and BBC fan. This chick may be the dictionary meaning of well-rounded, y’all.

If you are new around here, allow me to explain. This publish is definitely an extension from the Medical Education Mondays series I began some time back. Additionally to random Mediterranean Erectile dysfunction information, I’ve had a range of fabulous guest writers share facts about school of medicine within the U . s . States, Belgium, Uk, The country, Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, A holiday in greece, Nigeria and tobago. You can observe these awesome posts, along with the relaxation from the Mediterranean Erectile dysfunction Monday series, here.

Getting Into:

When do you typically begin school of medicine?

It varies. I began after i was 20, but I’m a little youthful in my class since i have got in for only three years of college. Technically, you just finish 24 months of undergrad to try to get the College of Alberta, but it’s very competitive at that time. Many people enter after finishing their Bachelor’s degree, to ensure that means they are about 22-23 years of age. In addition, there's lots of Master’s and PhD students, in addition to individuals who were built with a career before using, so age range ranges between 21 to 40. Other schools are very different – some need a finished degree, while some basically need a Master’s to become competitive.

What exams do you need to take to go into?

The large the first is the MCAT, much like within the U . s . States. It’s a 5-hour with 4 components:

  1. Physical Science (ex. physics, inorganic chem).
  2. Biological Science (ex. biology, organic chem).
  3. Verbal Reasoning (i.e. reading through comprehension).

The very first 3 are multiple choice and every are bell-curved and obtained from 15 (i.e. twelve months, getting 49/52 might be a 14, another year might be a 12). The writing sample is rated from J (cheapest) to T (greatest), which means you finish track of something similar to 10-9-10 R, that was concerning the 86th percentile.

Additionally towards the MCAT, you might also need to interview each and every school you’re asked to, usually while using Multiple Small-Interview (MMI) format. For example a number of stations, each having a different subject or ethical dilemma to go over by having an interviewer. So, you aren't judged exclusively on a single interview by one panel, but instead on multiple subjects by multiple people.

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