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May 30, 2015
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Which accomplishment/event/moment are you currently most happy with inside your career like a Homeopath?

My journey into Homeopathy started having a proper diagnosis of Scleroderma : diffuse systemic sclerosis /Lupus/ Crest Syndrome and Raynauds disease in a nutshell an incurable type of Scleroderma and also the worst situation seen at Mt. Sinai Hospital in which the world’s leading specialist around the disorder keeps an exercise. I had been given 6 days to reside and told there is no conventional means toward recovery or effective treatment. Which was The month of january 1998. I searched for out natural methods to help me to maintain my health throughout seven many years of harsh conventional remedies which incorporated chemotherapy among other experimental immune controlling drugs. I declined all drugs and discomfort management offered like a standard protocol frightened of addiction and frightened of the rest of the effects. The toll the condition required on my small physical and state of mind was simply disturbing. I had been reduced to 87lbs, my skin appeared as if those of an Egyptian Mummy and that i had lost the opportunity to walk and using both of your hands. I experienced atrophy over 98% of my body system and my skin was brittle, dry, very tense and taunt. Lifting a complete glass water could tear your skin throughout my wrist and elbow. The protocol of medication I had been put on used to do more to finish my existence than reserve it. 4 years of suffering and thinking my situation was hopeless was switched completely around after i discovered homeopathy in the suggestion of my Cardiologist and based on my Rhumatologist.

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