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November 28, 2014
Medicine in Canada can

Being Active Is Medicine® Canada

“What if there is one prescription that may prevent and treat a large number of illnesses, for example diabetes, hypertension and weight problems? Can you prescribe it for your patients? Certainly.”

Dr. Bob Sallis, FACSM, founding Task Pressure Chair from the Being active is Medicine® initiative, some pot partnership from the American College of Sports Medicine and also the Ama.

Being active is Medicine® Canada (EIMC) is really a movement to create Canadians more healthy. EIMC relies upon abundant evidence that exercise and workout prevent chronic disease and the fact that:

  • Most Canadians will find approaches to incorporate exercise and workout to their daily programs
  • More ought to be done to deal with exercise and workout within the health care setting exercise and workout ought to be incorporated like a key health indicator and standard of health care like a ‘vital sign’ and
  • Licensed exercise professionals function as important assets for Canadians as well as their health care companies.

EIM smallBeing active is Medicine® is really a global initiative! Released through the American College of Sports Medicine in 2007, EIM presently has a name in a number of nations around the world. Visit to understand more about the annual World Congress on Being active is Medicine® held with the ACSM annual conference. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is leading the launch of EIM in Canada and can hold annual occasions at its very own annual meeting.

Mission Statement:

To supply national leadership in marketing exercise like a chronic disease prevention and management technique to improve the healthiness of Canadians.


“Physical activity is an essential part of prevention and management of chronic disease within the Canadian healthcare system”


  • Increase the amount of healthcare experts who are assessing, prescribing and counseling patients in exercise
  • Increase the amount of Canadians meeting the Canadian Exercise Recommendations and also the Canadian Sedentary Behavior Recommendations and
  • Let the appropriate utilization of qualified exercise professionals within the prevention and management of chronic disease.

Exercise Prescription &lifier; Referral Tool

According to our belief within the incredible potential of primary healthcare companies to enhance patient health by exercising, and produced by a multidisciplinary working group, the EIMC Exercise prescription and referral tool features a prescription pad format on its front and key messages and definitions around the back

Canadian ExerciseOrInactive Behavior Recommendations Guide

This 32-page guide shows how patients as well as their families can intend to be physically active and lower sedentary behavior every single day while using Canadian Exercise and Sedentary Behavior Recommendations. The guide includes sample logbooks with good examples of the way to include exercise into one’s schedule. Blank logs help with monitoring personal progress!

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