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August 9, 2016
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About Us

About Discount Drug Mart

Discount Drug Mart, Corporation., is definitely an Ohio-based pharmacy chain that opened up its first store in Elyria, Ohio in 1969. Ever since then, Drug Mart has built stores in over 20 Ohio areas, and presently works 72 stores, including Dayton and Columbus. The organization also needs to announce further expansion inside the year.

Affordable prices, outstanding customer support and broad based products are in the centre of Drug Mart’s growth and success. The organization slogan states everything: “Discount Drug Mart Helps You Save the Runaround…We Have All You Need.Inches

The 25Thousand+ sq . ft . stores stock greater than 40Thousand products. From beauty and health aides to household merchandise small home appliances, fresh paint, hardware and auto add-ons magazines, handmade cards, paper items, groceries, frozen meals, school &lifier; office supplies online, and periodic merchandise, Drug Mart has everything!

Clients can rent videos, and also at our Courtesy Center, pay bills send packages UPS or USPS, purchase postage stamps, take part in the lottery, and purchase condition hunting or fishing licenses seven days a week!

Drug Mart’s pharmacies possess the latest personalized computer and electronic prescription transfer. Pharmacy technician offer disease management as well as other testing and screening services. Our devoted and friendly pharmacy technician fill over 5.3 million medications annually!

Discount Drug Mart takes pride in the customer support, quality items and occasional discount prices. Essential would be the company’s charitable, community and education related fund raising activities, and serving the needs from the towns seven days a week, all year round.

Mr. BoodjehOur History

Parviz Boodjeh finished the College of Toledo having a Bs degree in 1954. Later, he was honored having a Doctoral Degree from his Alma Mater. Following graduation, he labored with pharmacies and chains in Ohio as both a pharmacist along with a businessman.

In 1969, Mr. Boodjeh established the very first Discount Drug Mart in Elyria, Ohio, mixing a store using the personal proper care of a Pharmacist’s office. Through his leadership Discount Drug Mart stores integrated disease management and screening services with supplying essentials and convenience products. Mr. Boodjeh’s concentrate on being careful of his customer has permitted him and the family to grow to in excess of 70 stores and growing. He's broadened his family too, a few of which work alongside him and in most facets of the organization. The Discount Drug Mart family members have grown too including many employees who began with Mr. Boodjeh in 1969 and many more with lengthy-term history throughout our organization.

Mr. Boodjeh has additionally returned towards the community with the many charitable contributions and participation with the requirements of his fellow Ohioans. He's dedicated to supplying care and serving the city. For his dedication, Mr. Boodjeh received a commendation in the Condition of Ohio Board of Pharmacy for more than one half-century and services information towards the profession of Pharmacy.

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