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July 8, 2015
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So here i am, 30 days right into a year along with a new medical arrange for many. Have you ever observed any changes? Have you got a greater deductible or alterations in coverage, co-pay amounts, prescription coverage?

This became of us a couple of years back having a prescription my hubby must require an inherited acidity reflux problem (Pantoprazole). Here's your own story and just how we used a prescription discount card in order to save $2190.

My hubby was employed by any adverse health insurance provider and, under his medical plan, the generic drug cost $10 monthly co-pay. As he left to begin their own company, he switched medical plans. The very first time we went set for a refill underneath the new insurance, i was told it might be $125. What?

So, we known as our new insurance carrier thinking they could be attempting to direct us to some less costly brand or form of this drug. Sometimes, insurance companies have contracts with pharmaceutical companies for several brands so they'll direct us to individuals OR they'll direct us to less costly versions of the drug.

However, we found that our new insurance provider did not cover ANY acidity reflux drugs about this particular medical plan. Why wouldn't they cover probably the most highly recommended drug groups? We recognized the solution the moment we requested it! This, obviously, is an excellent method insurance providers can reduce costs. Only then do we wondered, “why do we must spend the money for full retail rate and never have any type of discount?” We found that when an insurance provider removes a medication from insurance coverage (also known to as “taking them back formulary"), they do not typically spread Any one of their discussed discount rates towards the insured.

There i was, left to pay for retail! It had been at this time we appreciated our prescription discount card. We visited an internet site where we joined the prescription info (dosage, timing, etc.) and zipcode. We found local pharmacies with prices varying from $52 to $108 per month with this drug. Our local Walgreen's been with them for $52. We never might have had use of this prices without our prescription discount card.

Why the prices difference, you request? Great question!

You will find companies known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) that negotiate drug prices FROM each pharmaceutical company For every pharmacy.

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