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March 26, 2016
Cheap Prescriptions: How to

Prices and products: GoodRx and WeRx are generally free for apple iphone, ipod device touch, and iPad, and GoodRx can also be Android-compatible.

Why we loved them: Both applications are easy-to-use, offer money-saving tips, details about $4 generic and pharmacy rewards programs, search by condition, and also the option to look for pharmacies by Zipcode or identify where you are using Gps navigation. But GoodRx was best at locating the cheapest prices in shops an internet-based. For instance, whenever we checked Lipitor, we've got prices varying from $194.77 and $223.59 for 30 pills, and $14.31 to $23.70 for atorvastatin.

Advil prices ranged from $11.09 to $14.49 for 90 pills, and it is generic, ibuprofen, costs $9.06 at one place for 90 pills.

WeRx found slightly greater prices. For instance, Lipitor prices ranged from $221.18 to $223.68 for 30 pills. Yet, WeRx found prices in a wider choice of local mother-and-pop stores, while offering a simple “report price” button that enables you to definitely share probably the most up-to-date retail cost you discover at local pharmacies.

One inconvenience: Neither application found prices for that over-the-counter drugs Advil and ibuprofen. We looked for many other OTCs, as well as emerged empty. GoodRx rather provided a hyperlink to Advil prices on Amazon .

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