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October 29, 2017
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Rx for Success: Five Ways Independent Drug Stores Can Create Loyal Customers with Digital MarketingFor many years, independent pharmacies was because the cornerstone on most towns. With one-stop, a person could purchase over-the-counter medications and everyday products, not to mention, obtain medications filled when they looked. If Norman Rockwell’s portrayals are accurate, you might have a freshly jerked soda—and the pharmacy technician unquestionably welcomed you by name.

Even though many of today’s pharmacies bare little resemblance for their forerunners, their importance hasn't reduced. Within the U.S. alone, over 250 million People in america go to a pharmacy every week. Some frequent for convenience—most live within 1.26 miles of the pharmacy. Others emerge from necessity—70% of People in america take a minumum of one prescription medication.

Independent versus. Chain Pharmacies

Like nearly almost every other small retail business, independent pharmacies (which frequently include multiple locations) have experienced significant disruption recently. The emergence of chains like Walgreens, Resumes and Rite Aid now take into account nearly 60% of retail pharmacy sales. Element in other new models like mail-order fulfillment and niche-drug marketers, also it becomes obvious that independent pharmacies mustn't only contend with one another, but individuals with massive marketing budgets too.

As the challenge may appear daunting, internet marketing combined with the initial characteristics of ‘being small’ can level the playing area. Let’s have a look at some quick-win suggestions for using the 2.

Construct Your Audience

Pharmacy technician routinely rank one of the most reliable professionals. Because of their size and also the ease of access of personnel, independent pharmacies possess the benefit of direct, 1-to-1 associations with clients. Are you currently using every touch point being an opportunity extend this trust towards the digital world? A couple of simple opt-in possibilities that may be implemented rapidly and price-effectively include:

  • Email receipt option at POS
  • E-newsletter sign-up interstitials in your website

Personalize Your Articles

You’ve built your physical business by engaging each client being an individual—and they expect exactly the same treatment when you are interacting via digital channels. It's very easy to configure your emails and web site to deliver dynamic content according to individual customer characteristics for example:

  • Age (seniors versus. parent of the child patient)
  • Health Problem (diabetic versus. coronary disease)
  • Interests (weight reduction versus. quitting smoking)

Anticipate Their Demands

With each and every open, click, purchase or search, clients are providing you with valuable experience to their preferences. This data may be used to develop a profile of their actions, and predict the following best offer, content or product for each individual instantly. A couple of good examples that may be instantly shipped via email or perhaps your website:

  • Make-up add-ons for individuals who've bought cosmetic items
  • Sleeping tips when nasal strips are put into a web-based shopping cart software
  • Photo enlargement offers when batteries and SD cards are bought together

Deliver Timely Content

No matter what channels you leverage, submissions are always king. Searching for some inspiration? This calendar features a handy listing of health care recognition days. It offers a large number of ready-made good reasons to achieve to clients. Leverage your computer data to pair relevant offers and celebrate occasions for example:

  • Sun block and shades throughout Sun Safety Week
  • In-store special offers for American Pharmacists’ Month
  • Nicotine options throughout the truly amazing American Smokeout, combined with links for an online support community for individuals who would like to quit
Source: www.salesforce.com
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