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June 1, 2017
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About IVF treatmentsMay 19 – 28 formally marks the ninth annual Canadian Infertility Awareness Week (CIAW). This outreach initiative was began in 2007 through the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC). 2010 theme is “I am one in 6, ” in mention of ratio of Canadian couples battling with infertility. PCRM is proud to become connected using the IAAC within their ongoing efforts to boost awareness and supply a residential area of support for infertility sufferers. Trust us, you're not alone.

CIAW encourages individuals to share their encounters and also to seize control of the reproductive lives. Go to the IAAC website at to learn more on how to participate online while using hashtags #1in6 and #IVFCanada.

Within the spirit of awareness, PCRM want to shed some necessary light around the subject of infertility with individuals people still visiting terms using its effects. It’s never simple to believe that something isn't working, particularly when that something relates to your reproductive health.

What's Infertility?

Make no mistake about this, infertility is really a medical problem. People are more likely to chalk up deficiencies in reproductive success to bad timing or misfortune: this really is rarely the only real explanation. If you and your spouse happen to be not successful inside your tries to conceive following a year of trying—6 several weeks when the female partner has ended 35 many years of age—chances are, you might be coping with infertility issues. Don't panic, greater than 15% of ambitious couples of reproductive age finish up in the identical boat. Infertility affects males and ladies equally, and also the real cause could originate from multiple factors. Be assured, you've options in conquering these hurdles.

PCRM is an expert in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the entire process of locating eggs in the ovary, fertilizing them scientifically, and moving the resulting embryos to mom. Having a world-class laboratory, and treatment centers boasting the most recent in diagnostic and ultrasound technology, we of experienced Doctors, researchers, nurses and advisors are very well situated that will help you realize your hopes for being a parent.

We’ve were built with a strong rate of success with this IVF methods however, IVF is usually regarded as like a last measure. PCRM supplies a full-range of reproductive services that might be considered appropriate for the specific situation including Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) along with other easier remedies.

Where to start?

Choosing for fertility treatment methods are a large decision. PCRM’s website offers many assets including statistics, someone orientation guide and pertinent info on our methods, to be able to enable you to get taking into consideration the course of treatment.

If you think maybe you're going through infertility, we recommend you call your doctor first. They're ideal to supply suggestions about conception and also to determine your candidacy to treatment centers for example PCRM. If the works out to be, our website easily provides all of the downloadable referral forms you'll need just before the first visit.

Are you currently a homeowner of Bc, Canada? Are you aware that your initial consultation, lab make sure follow-up appointment are covered underneath the province’s Medical Services Plan? PCRM includes a Fee Guide with complete introduction to the expense connected with this full-range of services. We provide financing assets for couples needing IVF remedies.

Whether you’re dedicated to a strategy or otherwise, it's usually nice to be aware what the choices are.

Seeking Help

Buddies and family make the perfect support base, but talking to an expert will make sure you obtain the correct medical health advice. When individuals are empowered using the correct understanding, they are able to get the best choices regarding reproductive health. For most people, making that first inquiry by telephone or email is indeed a challenge. Keep in mind, trying is potentially the initial step in achieving effective fertilization.

Around we attempt to organize out every facet of our way of life, not everybody is lucky enough to get conceive on schedule (or whatsoever for your matter). Canadian Infertility Awareness Week is about featuring our support for those who have experienced within their tries to begin a family. Individuals are urged to sign up in many ways:

Discussion and awareness is vital if this involves coping with infertility. PCRM’s experienced staff and condition-of-the-art facilities might help when you're ready. Visit our Contact page form if you'd like to plan a consultation, or you have queries about our services.

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IUI Treatment for Infertility
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