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December 28, 2015
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Can MDMA coupled with psychiatric therapy help people struggling with chronic, treatment-resistant Post traumatic stress disorder?

The aim of our 12-person Canadian study, designed much like the Swiss study lately performed by MAPS, would be to learn when we can replicate the outstanding outcomes of MAPS' U.S. study. Our Canadian study is going to be carried out inside a similar cultural context because the U.S. study. This is the very first clinical psychedelic study in Canada because the mid-seventies.

Ingrid Pacey, MBBS, FRCP(C), a mental health specialist and licensed Grof Holotropic Breathwork specialist, may be the Principal Investigator performing this research. Dr. Pacey is definitely an experienced and experienced counselor who labored with MDMA-aided psychiatric therapy just before its criminalization and shares a theoretical orientation with this U.S. and Swiss teams.

This research has full approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB), Health Canada, and also the U.S. Food and drug administration. Data may also be posted under MAPS' U.S. IND #63, 384.

An amended protocol was authorized by the Institutional Review Board on This summer 12, 2013, by Health Canada on September 6, 2013. This research has become screening subjects.

Dr. Ingrid Pacey, MBBS, FRCP(C), Principal Investigator and Co-counselor

Dr. Ingrid Pacey develops from a Lithuanian family which migrated to Australia in 1949. She found Canada in 1967 after finishing school of medicine in the College of Nsw, Sydney, Australia. She received her psychological training in the College of Bc, Vancouver, graduation in 1972. During school of medicine, she observed LSD psychiatric therapy inside a psychological setting included in her training. Her private practice in Vancouver grew to become centered on psychiatric therapy for trauma children, particularly women who was simply sexually mistreated as children. From 1987 - 1990, she trained with Dr. Stanislav and Christina Grof in Holotropic Breathwork. Within the next 14 years, she continued to pioneer using Holotropic Breathwork with trauma children, watching the special needs of individuals with Post traumatic stress disorder when employed in Holotropic Breathwork groups. Through the work she found see the need for dealing with non-regular states of awareness for individuals struggling with Post traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Pacey is constantly on the practice psychiatry in Vancouver, and she or he has lectured in Canada and also the US.

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