The state of medicine in Canada today. Is it possible to be treated free?

March 14, 2019
What can you get for free?

To begin with, healthcare in Canada is divided into paid and free, by and large. And free healthcare is provided for Canadian citizens, those who live in the country in the status of permanent resident (immigrants), and people who are on work visas. Tourists, students and other visitors don’t have a right for free healthcare.

What is medical insurance?

Health insurance covers everything that is connected with the threat to life, all the necessary examining, medical services that should be provided, so you can be sure that you are healthy and don’t need to be treated for any serious illness.

What isn’t covered by health insurance?

Health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of dental services, with the exception of urgent surgical intervention, when a person is experiencing a sharp pain, or if the disease can cause some terrible consequences for your health. State medical insurance doesn’t cover the manufacturing of glasses and lenses. It doesn’t cover the cost of buying drugs.

How to get the insurance?

When you come to Canada, you must go to the nearest provincial medical office - the state agency responsible for medical care, fill out a form there, and present documents confirming your legal status in Canada. Then you will be assigned a health insurance number. And after some time( about 5 days or so) you’ll get a plastic card from the province. Each province has its own design. Your last and first names as well as the number of your health insurance will be written on the card.


Births in Canada are covered by health insurance. Otherwise, it is quite a costly undertaking, and it’s impossible to count the exact amount of money you may spend. If the woman has no insurance, the clinic sets prices on account of their own considerations. However, some institutions might accept a compromise if you provide them with information about your income - thus, they calculate the cost of medical service according to the income of the woman. On average, natural births with no complications cost $2,700. Good news for women who decide to give birth in Canada: everyone born on Canadian territory automatically receives citizenship.

Pharmacy and pharmacology

Part of the population of Canada (about 10%) is fully insured. The remaining 90% of the population receives compensation for appointed drugs.

In order to work in the pharmaceutical field, there is no need to complete a full university course. Canada offers a wide range of professional programs that are taught by colleges and provide good training for working in the industry, either in a managerial position or in laboratories. The profession of the pharmacist is quite diverse in areas of application. Basically, these specialists are employed in pharmacies, acting as sellers of drugs. But they not only implement, but also select the analogues, alternatives, etc. The second activity can be called scientific processes. This is work in laboratories, research institutes, etc.

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